Excursion Program - Summer 2021

MONDAY - Malga Field
Departure by car with their own vehicles from Polsa to Refuge Graziani.

From here on a flat road to Malga field where is the dairy production.

Difficulty level: EASY - DEPARTURE: 1.30pm

TUESDAY - Corno della Paura and Vignola Mountain

Trip around the Polsa with sweeping views over the Adige Valley e
the Lessinia plateau
.The route offers various points of interest that range
from the history of the Great War, to geology, to the typical flora of Monte Baldo.

Possibility to return independently for lunch time. For those who choose the option
full day book packed lunch by the evening before.

Difficulty level: MEDIUM / EXPERT - DEPARTURE: 09.30am

WEDNESDAY- Canyon della Sorna
Departure by own vehicles to the town of Corné.Here begins the amazing
excursion to the Pont del Diaol, a construction on the deep gorge of the Rio Sorne.

Along the new staircase it is possible to go down to the stream and reach the
entrances to the old coal mines
Difficulty level: MEDIUM - DEPARTURE: 2:00pm

THURSDAY- Altissimo Mountain
Departure by own vehicles from Polsa passing through Malga Pravecchio and Corno della
Paura up to Refuge Graziani
. From here you go up to Monte Altissimo along the military road

built by the Italian army in 1915. A route with wide views of the
Lake Garda.

Difficulty level: EXPERT- DEPARTURE: 09.30am

FRIDAY - Zestarei
Departure from Polsa along the forest road towards Vignola Mountain.

After the Camping Polsa the path deviates towards the locality Zestarei through
a shady beech forest
Difficulty level: EASY - DEPARTURE: 09.30am

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