Winter Animation

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In Hotel Polsa you will find an entertainment service that will meet the needs of everyone!

If you are Ski lovers, you could take part every morning to a Guided Ski Program with our animators that they will teach you about the ski slopes of Brentonico Ski.

For those who love to enjoy the mountains outside and starting to discover the snowy places, They could take part to our Non-Skiers Club that includes:

  • Long snowshoeing trails in Polsa;
  • Visits and refreshments in huts;
  • Bobsleigh's competitions; 
  • Games on the snow;

In hotel you will find your corner of entertainment with our Animation Program Non-Stop that includes:

  • Kids Club from 4 to 13 years old; 
  • Coffee and Aperitif plays; 
  • Water Gym in the swimming pool;
  • Table games tournaments; 
  • Billiards, table football and ping pong tournaments;
  • Dancing evening;
  • Karaoke.
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